Professional Services


Optimal operation.


Infrastructure is important, and at Connect IT Solutions, we understand what is required to build a functional and successful infrastructure for your business. Never worry about being unprepared again.


Our Infrastructure Architecture process includes everything from networks, storage, platforms, middleware, information and access management, to the finer details of security, identity, management, deployment and provisioning.



Never miss a beat.


We understand that every project is unique, and deserves special attention. Our Project Management Services take on the task of planning, organizing, executing and completing your projects so you won’t have to. Optimize your time and efforts while we take care of the details of your core project requirements.



Be Compliant.


We offer a complete suite of 21 CFR PART 11 compliance assessment for CROs and pharmaceutical companies. We provide assessment reports with identified GAPs and remedies as deemed necessary to ensure compliance and good standing.




We know a thing or two about IT Consulting. Let us share our knowledge with you.


At Connect IT Solutions, we offer a wide range of IT and Communications consultation services, from professional services, managed services, creative web solutions, infrastructure and security and management. We can help you analyze and develop a personalized solution to increase your business’ productivity, creativity and output, all while catering to your business’ specific needs.