Creative Web Solutions


You have three seconds to make an impression. Give them something to remember you by.


Dress your website to impress with our Web Design and Development services. With a wide range of customizable templates and options available, ConnectIT Solutions can help build your business it’s dream website, and give you something to wow potential clients with.


Web Design and Development includes website hosting services, website maintenance, content management systems, mobile compatibility, ecommerce shopping cart options and clean, user friendly web sites that are interactive and responsive.



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it definitely helps when the looks of your project’s blow the competition away. From logos and layout to branding and icons, ConnectIT Solutions can provide your business with stunning graphic design that will turn heads.



Get noticed.


In a highly competitive world, there are a lot of voices vying for your potential customer’s attention. Search Engine Optimization and marketing consolation are tools every business must take advantage of in order to be heard. Ensure that your website and content are receiving the exposure and traffic they need in order to boost your company to success.


Web Marketing and SEO include statistics and reporting, and improvement of your website’s SEO capabilities.



We have a way with words. So should you.


Efficient and economic but original and unique, our content and copy writing services will provide you with easily digestible content, making your business stand out from the crowd. Engage your potential clients with charismatic content that sells them on your services and gives your company a personalized, relatable touch.


Includes content writing for websites, marketing materials, blogs and additional creative ventures.



Need an app? We can build it.


With agile development and sleek aesthetics, our team of developers and designers can construct personalized web and mobile applications for your business, whether for internal or external purposes.



Your business will look great on camera.


Our Video Production services include producing, shooting, and editing video and audio content for your business. Use video as a marketing tool and means of informing potential and current clients of what your business specializes at. Persona is key for branding, and video content serves as a visual representation of who you are as a company. Put a face to your name, increase your credibility and give clients a persona that they can connect to.


Video Production includes video portfolios that highlight your company’s capabilities, web advertisements for landing pages and social media video content to help extend and compliment to your SEO.


We can make you sound great, too. We offer audio production, from Interactive Voice Response and on hold messages to recording work for voice over.