Everything you need, available any place, any time, on any platform.


With a Cloud Solution in place, your business can access the data you need from multiple devices with mobility and on-demand access. Manage workloads, maintain information, and stay connected. ConnectIT Solutions can build and provision your personalized Cloud network, whether private or public, and manage its infrastructure and provide it with a secure framework to ensure your Cloud network is protected.


ConnectIT Solutions cloud solutions include Disaster Recovery, eMail, VoIP, and Security. These comes with the benefits of improved efficiency and productivity, the ability to easily migrate applications between servers via our state of the art virtualization technology, on-demand self service platforms and portals, resource pooling, rapid utilization, and measured services that always keep you in the know for both private and public clouds.


Extend your reach.


We offer hybrid Intercloud Solutions so you can access information, programs and applications from multiple cloud networks.